Privacy and policy

Typeanything OÜ, an Estonian company, having a principal place of business at Tallinn, Estonia (hereinafter, referred to as the “Company”, “us”, “we”, “our”) collects from the individual user (hereinafter, referred to as “you” or “your”) certain personal information through the website http://www.typeanything.com (hereinafter, referred to as the “Website”). This Privacy Policy explains Company’s procedures related to the collection and processing of personal information through the Website.

1. Personal information collected by us and a third party payment processor

1.1 The Company may collect the following personal information from you: (1) email address; (2) full name; (3) physical address; (4) avatar; (5) country; (6) and password;

1.2 Please note that, in order to register an account on the Website, you need to provide us only with (1) an email address and (2) password; 

1.3 When you make payments through the Website, your payments will be processed by our third party payment processor, 2Checkout.com, Inc. having an address at 855 Grandview Avenue, Suite 110, Columbus, OH 43215, the United States (hereinafter, referred to as the “Third Party Payment Processor”). The official website of Third Party Payment Processor is https://www.2checkout.com/. The Third Party Payment Processor may collect payment information from you which will allow it to make the payments requested by you. Please note that we DO NOT store your credit/debit card information. The Third Party Payment Processor handles all the steps in the payment process on its website, including data collection and data processing. Please provide your personal information to the Third Party Payment Processor only after reviewing its privacy policy and understanding what types of personal information will be collected by the Third Party Payment Processor.

2. The purpose of collection of personal information

2.1 The personal information collected through the Website is used only:

  • to allow you to login into the Website;
  • to allow you to create a profile on the Website;
  • to provide you with our newsletter if you have opted-in to receive it;
  • to allow you to view materials published by users from your country;
  • to inform you about updates to the Website and the Services;
  • to send you administrative messages regarding your use of the Website;
  • to comply with lawful government requests and/or lawful requests by the police investigating suspected illegal activities;

2.2 We collect and process your personal information only for the achievement of one or more of the aforementioned purposes. If you do not provide the Company with the requested personal information, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Website.

3. Non-personal information collected by us

3.1 Please note that we may collect non-personal information (e.g., URL addresses of websites clicked to and from the Website, operating systems, browser types). We use the collected non-personal information to further develop the Website.

4. Protection of personal information

4.1 We use information security tools (e.g., secured networks and encryption) in order to protect your personal information.

5. Third party access to personal information

5.1 All financial transactions conducted through the Website are handled through the Third Party Payment Processor. Any personal information provided by you to the Third Party Payment Processor will processed by it in accordance with its privacy policy.  

5.2 The personal information collected by the Company from you will not be shared with third parties, unless the Company is required by law to do so.

6. Accessing and correcting your personal information

6.1 You have the right to access, delete, or modify your personal information collected by the Company. You can do so by sending an email to the following email address support@typeanything.com. We will respond to your request within two weeks.

7. Retention Period

7.1 We will keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide you with the requested service. For example, if we collect your personal information to deliver the newsletter, your personal information will be kept until you unsubscribe from the newsletter services.

7.2 If your personal information is no longer necessary for the delivery of the requested services, we will keep it for a maximum of one year in identifiable form

8. Cookies

8.1 The Website uses cookies.

8.2 The term “cookie” refers to a small computer file. A cookie consists of numbers and letters. If you visit the Website, we may send a cookie to your browser. Afterwards, the browser may store the cookie on your computer.

8.3 Cookies can be categorized in two categories, namely, (1) session cookies and (2) persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored on a web browser and remain valid until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain valid until you delete them or until the expiration date.

8.4 We would like to inform you that cookies do not usually contain personal information. However, personal information which we store may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

8.5 Cookies are normally used for two purposes, namely, (1) identification and tracking users while they surf through different web pages of a website and (2) identification of users who return to a website;

8.6 The Company uses both session and persistent cookies. 

8.7 The Company uses session cookies in order to verify your log-in information when you are moving from a web page of the Website to another web page of the Website. Consequently, the session cookies enable you to move from a web page of the Website to another web page of the Website without the need to re-enter your log-in information every time you enter a new web page on the Website.

8.8 We use persistent cookies with the aim to recognize our users as unique users when they return to the Website. Consequently, persistent cookies allow you to return to a website and enter into your account on that website without the need to enter your log-in details.

8.9 We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy when you first visit the Website.

8.10 Please note that you can set your browser to refuse cookies. However, this may not allow you to experience the full functionality of the Website. In case you would like to set your browser to refuse cookies, please read the help information in your browser or visit the below-mentioned links providing information on how you can set your browser to refuse cookies.

9. Google Analytics

9.1 The Company uses Google Analytics to generate statistics related to your use of the Website. Such statistics are generated by means of cookies.

9.2 If you would like to read more information on privacy aspects of Google Analytics, please visit https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en

10. Your consent

10.1 By using the Website, you hereby consent to our collection and processing of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term “processing” refers to collection, storage, deletion, use, and disclosure of information.

11. Links

11.1 Please note that the Website may contain links to third party websites. We hereby disclaim any liability in relation to the privacy practices of other websites.  

12. Contact details

12.1 If you would like to ask us any questions about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at support@typeanything.com.

12.2 For more detailed information on how you can contact us, please visit http://typeanything.com/pages/contact/.